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Two New Women: A Life Coaching Duo 
Supporting Women as Individuals, 
in Sisterhood, in Community

As Individuals:

Self Love - Feeling strong in living your authentic self

In Sisterhood:

Bonding - Forming relationships with others who "get you"

In Community:

Play - Gathering, sharing and creating experiences

in nature

Meet Nicole,

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I am so excited to be on this journey with you. My philosophy: knowing that we are all powerful and have within us what we are seeking.  A voice waiting to be heard, an intuition waiting to be your guide.  Set in your environment and connecting with mother nature, along with guidance from me and curiosity for self, we will plant a seed and discover the different ways in which you can grow with confidence and success.


A little about me, I am a mother of two beautiful teenage girls, continue to be a successful hairdresser for over 25 years, and have a passion for lifting people. Being a hairdresser has given me the opportunity to be creative while actively listening and being present with my clients, with dedicated one on one conversations and connection.  This practice has organically lead me in the direction of life coaching, where I am able to provide an emotionally safe environment where self discovery awaits to blossom. My own conscious journey began in 2007. Becoming a single mom, after 20 years of marriage, I was like a sponge and would absorb and read everything related to self help, survival and growth. I would run and meditate everyday searching for understanding and connection with myself. While learning and practicing how to hear and listen to my own voice my life started to transform.I had exciting growth, I was brave, I faced scary truths about myself, I was becoming REAL! Everyday is a new day to begin again! We do not fail in this life we simple learn and begin again. We make choices that lead us down different paths. My next path to take was more training. Artist of the spirit training and certification program with Diana Atkins and Heather Ash Amara. This training has allowed me to grow even more, and in an energetic and spiritual awakening I have learned how to guide myself and others in a safe secure environment. Life coaching tools for success! This unique and powerful combination of tools learned will blossom every part of you and together we will succeed. Everyday is a new day! Let's begin it together!

Meet Sandi,

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“Respect and kindness” is my motto, and I apply it to all aspects of my life.  I have a strong passion for nature and the outdoors, with a healthy dose of adventure!

I am a woman who supports women, in any and all stages of life… Love and appreciation for self, relationships, empty-nesters, family, career, dreams and aspirations, fears, health, identity, sexuality,...the list goes on.


Every day is a new day to live in conscious awareness, for a journey that supports a purposeful life.  My goal as a Life Coach is to support you in understanding and embracing self love, being empowered and sharing your voice, feeling secure in your authentic self, and living free without judgement…

Be your strongest self!


Throughout my life I have enjoyed working with people, and sought experiences allowing me to build personal and professional relationships.  Roles of my 20+ year career in biotechnology have varied, yet all focused on the development of people. As a parent of two wonderful young adults, they taught me to be the best listener.


Combining my corporate leadership training and personal life experiences has led me to pursue life coaching professionally - it’s a natural fit! I have discovered that supporting others is a true passion of mine. Participating in your growth inspires me, and I am filled with gratitude and encouragement, and am sincerely thrilled for you!  Every day is a new day - let’s start your journey together!

To schedule a coaching call, please send a text to 650-444-4387 and include "Coaching Inquiry" in the message.  Gratefully yours, Sandi




Open daily with flexible hours - contact us to begin your journey.

Nicole  (831) 234-7155

Sandi   (650) 444-4387

For your individual coaching sessions, we gladly accept payments via Paypal and Venmo

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