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Every Day is a New Day

Live, Love and Play!


Two New Women is built upon three pillars to support women in life.  


    Individual:    Self Love - feeling strong in living your authentic self

    Sisterhood:  Bonding - forming relationships with others who “get you”

    Community: Play - gathering, sharing, and creating experiences in nature


Having lived through many of life’s challenges (family, transitioning to empty-nesters, relationships and loves lost, career, health, identity, natural disasters, societal impacts, shame, fear…) and coming through them as stronger individuals, we recognize the value of having a support system of women who have walked your same path to help you get through those challenges as well.  You are not alone.


We’re here to listen, hold space for you to breathe and settle into the present moment, to love yourself, and practice living in comfort of where you are today...

with a vision for tomorrow. 


We also desire a sense of community among women - to gather, support and nurture one another and feel a sense of belonging. Together we create a safe space and platform to share and lift ourselves and others with our stories, inspiration, passion and purpose - encouraging strength in Womanhood.


At its simplest, we want to support you in your current and present moment.  We encourage you to be vulnerable and live without judgement…to be your strongest self!  We are positive, optimistic and excited to be with you in support during your journey.


We are Two New Women - Every Day is a New Day!


Join us for small group gatherings and unique experiences bringing women together, forging the bonds between nature and Womanhood, and having FUN! 

See our Events page for details. Follow us on social media for tips and encouragement.

Individual sessions are also available - contact us for more information!

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