Every Day is a New Day

We change and grow daily, may it be from trying a new recipe or starting a new career.  What is your next new?!  As life coaches, we want to support you in your goals, dreams and aspirations as you become your new best you!  Let's Blossom Together!


Two New Women is us supporting you during your life’s journey, moving forward through change.

Every day is a new day.

Our lives change over time, bringing forth challenges, concerns, and situations that may be deep and serious.  As coaches, we recognize the sensitivity and delicacy of what you are experiencing. There will be obstacles to overcome, and with our support and encouragement you will be guided to move forward and meet your goals.   We sincerely believe in you, and are vested in helping you to reach your fullest potential.  We are positive, optimistic and excited to be with you in support during your journey of blossoming change and growth!

Our driving force of why we are life coaches is to support women in achieving individual freedom and living their true selves in confidence and love. Learning to embrace vulnerability and living in our truth.   We also desire a sense of community among women - to gather, support and nurture one another.    As we become individually sound, we together become stronger - women are a force to be reckoned with!  Be and feel empowered - feel secure in your authentic self and live without judgement… be your strongest self! 

Each woman has their individual story and journey as we all exist in a variety of life stages (relationships, career, family, hobbies, identity, life transitions, etc).  Yes, we are unique individuals, with tremendous ability to reach something greater than our current selves.  Together we create a safe space and platform to share and lift ourselves and others with our stories, inspiration, passion and purpose - encouraging strength in womanhood.

As women, we understand and relate to the challenges you may be experiencing.  We survive life’s struggles... having lived in silence, shame, fear, and the sense of being alone... we have found strength as we thrive in individual worth and bonding in sisterhood. Our vision as life coaches guides your journey to becoming your authentic self, gaining inner strength, and feeling a sense of belonging.

You are not alone. As certified Life Coaches, we guide you individually with 1:1 coaching; in community by supporting and promoting local businesses; and in sisterhood with our customized mindfulness retreats and workshops. Two New Women designs and hosts unique experiences bringing women together, forging the bonds between nature and womanhood.  

We demonstrate bravery by living uninhibited, and coach our fellow sisters to do the same. We are Two New Women - Every Day is a New Day!

Our methods: Individual sessions are 60 minutes in duration, either over the phone or in person if you are local - let’s walk and talk in nature!  Follow us on social media for upcoming events, tips and encouragement.