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Values of Life Coaching

We came across an article (referenced below) that distinguished the important roles of Life Coaches and Therapists. Often the question is asked, “which is the better route for me to take?” The following excerpts capture the traits and values of Life Coaches.

“A life coach is a professional who meets with individuals to give advice and encouragement, with the goal of helping clients gain confidence and find success” in any aspect of a person’s life. They help people to focus on their future, “using insights to make real, necessary progress, it leads to many major changes to actions or attitudes”.

There is an aspect where “analyzing the past is only the first step in the process of improving your life”, then comes the shift to “game-changing realizations about wants and needs, and that future-focused mindset”. How do you want to “switch things up?”

Life Coaches help us to look at our challenges from varied perspectives, recognize what is not working, and guide us in finding ways to think and act in new ways. Giving yourself permission to be different, removing what does not bring you joy, results in a “wave of relief”. Life Coaches help people “develop a better relationship with themselves, because everything else stems from that”, they guide us to “that moment where the new way of thinking has taken over the old.” We focus on new routines, starting with small steps towards positive behaviors, and delve into your feelings to narrow in on your true intent and desires. “Changing your thought patterns requires practice”, taking months for people to form habits. The journey and growth is so worth it!

If you’re inspired to make a shift in your life, reach out and contact us - let’s chat to begin your journey. Every day is a new day!

Author: Rachel Simon, April 20, 2020 4:58 pm Five sessions with a life coach did more for me than years of therapy did

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