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Two New Women...our story

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

California born and raised, with current roots in the Santa Cruz Mountains. We met in 2012 through mutual friends, where we all have in common children of the same ages. As life transitions to raising teenagers and navigating relationships, we found ourselves quite like minded in what moves our hearts. Our friendship blossomed during our first road trip together to Sonora, a quick getaway weekend for outdoor fun and holiday shopping in quaint gold country. We naturally took our guards down and genuinely shared who we were as our authentic selves. It took some guts to unveil our deepest feelings and secrets. We had to trust each other, and not fear being judged. Ever since, we have grown closer together, spirit sisters and BFFs for sure! We’ve enjoyed many mini road trips, hikes in the redwoods, and walks along the beach talking about what is important to us.

During 2019, the concept of Two New Women started to form. By learning and challenging ourselves, we grew as women. We found freedom, our voice, strength and love for self. We noticed that our conversation circled back to the pull and desire to share the strength we gained with other women who surround us - it’s been a blessing to watch them blossom as well! We wanted to reach more women, and provide space and tools to support them, so we became certified Life Coaches! Two New Women is our creation for you - supporting your journey in life and self discovery. Every day is a new day! To begin your journey, follow us on Instagram, “twonewwomen” Contact us via email: As we put our calendar together, we want to hear from you. What are your goals and desires? Send us your thoughts for topics on 1-2 hour sessions via Zoom, and for future retreats and social gatherings. Thank you and Blessings! Nicole and Sandi

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