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Surrendering Control

Surrendering many ways to interpret these two powerful words

To surrender is to give up control

To surrender the desire to control is to become free

To choose when to surrender gives you control

In some ways, I see all three complimenting each other. 

There are circumstances in life that challenge us, may it be in our profession, home life, relationships, society,..  Life experiences allow us to develop opinions and values, and we are often drawn to those we share in like mindedness.  Then there are days when we come across people with differing opinions and values.  That's what makes our humanity unique and special.  Discussions may lead to disagreements and arguments. To keep peace within me,  I often surrender the desire to convince my point, and control that I can share my opinion and listen to other's opinions.  In some cases,  rules are made that control our actions. I may not agree, yet choose to put my energy into things I can control   Life is ever changing, and short!  As I creep up in years of age, I've come to recognize that I want to live a happy and fulfilled life. When crossed with challenges, I look to the opportunities, with an open mind and curiosity towards new experiences, and change those things within my control. 

My personal lesson: to surrender the desire of control over things I can't control, and find the sweet spot to seek that which I can control, to fill my heart and soul with goodness. 

Let go of things you feel controlled by, find the good parts of life where you can take control, and be free when you may be feeling otherwise.

Much love,


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